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The average lifespan of the home videotapes is about ten years. Due to the fast technological development, we replaced the equipment that we use to watch the video cassettes with DVD players, computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Also, the videotapes will degrade and eventually be no longer viewable. Every time you watch and rewind your original videotape, it is slowly wearing out. After you transfer your cassettes to a digital format, there won’t be any rewinding or fast-forwarding, directly go and watch your favorite scene.

Types of Video Tapes Bo Studio Can Transfer:

At Bo Studio, we can convert most types of consumer videotapes to digital file or DVD that you, your family, and further generations can enjoy.
We work with VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, MiniDV, Video-8, HI-8, and Digital-8 tapes, both in PAL and NTSC, as well as with all brands of amateur camcorders.

Прехвърляне от VHS на DVD


Прехвърляне от VHSC на DVD


Прехвърляне от Video8 на DVD

8mm / HI-8 / Digital-8

Прехвърляне от MiniDV на DVD


Not sure what type of videotape format you have? Bo Studio can help. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get in touch with one of our video transfer experts. We digitize as well amateur 8mm movies – you can find information and prices for this special service here.

Videotape to Digital

At Bo Studio we can transfer your family or business videos from old videotapes and camcorders in your preferred digital format. We will transfer the video on to suitable media – external hard drive (HDD), flash memory, DVD,etc. This will allow you to revisit old family records or use again your professional archives.

We also provide additional post-production services – video editing, transcoding (NTSC to PAL and vice versa), selection of specific scenes or episodes from your video, assembling of parts of different videotapes, adding music, captions, etc.

Прехвърляне от видеокасети на хард диск

Ready to bring your videotapes back to life with digital video transfer?
Contact us today.

What is unique about Bo Studio's services

Rich professional experience

Bo Studio has been providing professional video editing services to its customers since the year 2006. We are proficient in working with client’s video recordings. We know how to store and work with your tapes, camcorders and cameras. We are careful and responsible. We update the technology and software we use in the processes of digitization and further video processing. We have a personal attitude to every order and every client.

Professional equipment

Our studio has the required equipment and a wide range of different video devices to ensure the best possible playback of your videos. We use professional equipment, software for digitization and additional processing of all video material. We have many years of experience in the field of digitalization and video processing.

Services tailored to your needs

We are interested and take into account the wishes of our clients. We only transfer the parts of the tapes and videos that you want. You receive and pay only for the materials you need. Additionally, if you wish, we could combine recordings from different video tapes, combine files from the camcorders or cameras into one video. We will split the long three-hour VHS cassettes into smaller parts for easy viewing.

No process automation

We work personally and with care. Each video is reviewed by a video editor who, where necessary, applies adjustments to improve it. Damaged areas with missing record are removed. Colors, sounds and volume are balanced. You get enjoyable to watch video and pay only for its real duration. We guarantee maximum quality of service.

The service is performed entirely in our studio

The complete service for transferring video tapes or digital camera recordings is provided on-site at our studio in Sofia. We have no subcontractors or outsourced services. We store your videotapes and camcorders responsibly – they don’t leave our office. All processing is done only by our specialists, which guarantees anonymity and security of the services.

Цифровизиране на видео касети
Цифровизиране на VHS
Ремонт на VHS касети


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