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audio editing

Transfer your audio in Bo Studio

Transfer and listen again your audio cassette and vinyl recordings after you digitize them. Create your own personal collection of selected tracks. Save to disc or flash memory.

Прехвърляне от аудиокасета на диск


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Audio processing and audio editing

  • transfer – digitization of audio recordings;
  • audio processing – audio editor review and software quality improvement;
  • audio editing – combining audio recordings from different media;
  • split the audio into separate tracks;
  • transfer from one audio format to another;
  • improving the quality of old or damaged audio recordings;
  • other non-standard services related to digitalisation and audio processing
Аудио монтаж

Create personal audio selection from your recordings on different media

  • audio disc / portfolio – selected performances of a singer, band, orchestra or other musicians;
  • audio archive – save all performances of an artist or music formation;
  • chronological selection – tracing the creative career;
  • rehearsal disc – tracks selected and arranged in a specific order for stage performance of dancers, athletes, children or others;
  • contest disc – submit your performance to participate in a competition. The disk will be printed with an image and text of your choice;
  • training disc – containing listening exercises, excerpts of works, or other audio material for educational purposes;
  • author’s disc – an audio CD, a singer-songwriter album, or an instrumental performance. It can be styled with printed image, text, appropriate packaging, song book or other artist information.

Transfer your audio archive digitally to store information,
preserve quality and share with future generations.
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Additional sound processing services

  • Separating audio from video recordings. For example, you can use this service if you have a video of a concert you have attended and you only want to listen to the music in future. Another example is the presence of a famous performer on a wedding party or corporate event. You can separate the performance as a single audio.

  • Embedding music in video – this can be done either by shutting the main audio down or without removing it (by overlay). The background music makes even raw video more enjoyable for watching. In professional editing, embeded music is a must-have artistic element. In some cases, the replacement of music is needed because of poor, damaged, or missing original sound from the event. 8 mm home movies are an example of video that is most often recorded without sound due to the shooting technology.

  • Slowing down or speeding up audio recordings – for artistic effect or when the main recording for some reason is not at the original tempo (damaged dictaphones, tape recorders, cameras, etc.)

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