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Convert 8mm Film Reel to DVD

Transfer 8mm Films to Digital

One of the unique Bo Studio’s services is the transfer of 8 mm films to digital so they can be re-watched. Modern technologies allow not only to convert 8mm film reel to DVD, but also additional software processing for exposure, speed and color adjustments and then transferring to flash memory card or hard drive.

Bo Studio has the equipment, software, and most importantly, many years of experience in transferring films. We can digitize your 8mm films and burn them to DVD, flash drive or hard drive in the video format you want.

What films could we transfer, and how much does it cost?

Bo Studio offers transfer of 8mm amateur films in the Standart 8mm (8mm – normal), Super 8mm (8mm – super), and Double 8mm (8mm – dual) variants.

The cost is 4.00 leva (2 Euro) per minute of the final video you receive.

We have a minimum of 40.00 leva (20 Euro) for transferring films. This means that for films up to 10 minutes long, the price is 40.00 leva (20 Euro).

What types of film you have?

Consumer types of film reels

Amateur movies are basically in three sizes – 8mm, 9.5mm, and 16mm. This shows the width along with the perforation. If you measure the tape crosswise, you will know what kind of films you have.

The most common format is 8 mm and comes in two varieties:

1) Regular (Standart) 8 mm, often called “8 mm – normal”.
The tape is 8 mm wide and the perforation runs along one side of the film.

2) Super 8 mm, commonly called “8 mm – super”.
This is chronologically the next, improved version with finer perforations. The tape is again 8mm wide, but the frame size is larger, at the expense of the narrower strip with perforation (again only on one side of the film).

Both eight-millimeter films can also be found as Double 8 mm. This is because when purchased, the film is 16 mm wide and has perforations on both sides. Filming takes place twice, each time using only one half of the tape (only 8 mm of its entire length).

The tape is then turned head down into the camera and the other half is filmed. After the photographic processing, before viewing, the tape is cut with a special tool along the length and it produces two pieces, each 8 mm wide and perforated on one side. These two parts are mounted one after the other in the order of shooting and are projected and viewed.

Types of 8mm film reels

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What is the duration of your 8mm films?

Amateur 8mm films are stored in rolls, the diameter of which shows
the approximate duration of the footage.

The most commonly used film rolls are the following sizes:

7.5 cm diameter – fits film duration about 4 minutes

12.5 cm in diameter – fits film duration about 16 minutes

17.5 cm diameter – fits film duration about 32 minutes

Determining the duration of your tapes (and respectively the price you will pay for the transfer of 8 mm films), note that the specified durations are in case the roll is full of tape. Sometimes, less film is wound on a larger roll, and then it is important to measure the diameter of only the wound band. The duration is approximate as well, because the tape may include unstripped sections, the film may be shot at a too slow or fast speed, or be rolled more tightly or looser on the roll, etc.

Due to these reasons, the cost of film transfer does not depend on the number and size of the rolls you carry, but solely on the actual duration of the final video that will be obtained after the digitalization and software processing. This way you only pay for the footage that is filmed and you will be able to watch it.

What do the transferred films look like?

What is the process of 8mm film transfer?

The process of film digitalization includes:

Ролки с 9мм кинофилми
кинокамера с 8мм киноленти
8мм филм


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