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Turn Your Raw Footage Into Awesome Looking Film

Bo Studio provides video editing services for businesses and individuals. We edit all types of corporate videos, family videos, wedding films, event videos, GoPro videos, drone videos, and more. We can turn your video clips and personal recordings into high-quality films, fast and easy.

With a team of experienced video editors, we bring out the best of your raw footage. We edit, organize, fix, add effects, captions, background music, and whatever else you need. Whether it’s a story about your latest trip, your child’s birthday, or a promo about your business, we guarantee that the results will exceed your expectations.

Bo Studio works with cinematographers and videographers as a partner in their post-production process. We edit events, interviews, promotions, wedding films, music concerts, seminars, digital marketing videos, etc. We also provide video editing services for individuals and families. We edit holiday videos, honeymoons, vacations, and family events to create memories that they can preserve for a lifelong!

If you are looking for a reliable video editing company, get in touch to discuss your project.



A nicely edited video can be a powerful tool for your business. It can help you attract more clients, empower your brand, or build up your status. Regardless if you are a start-up, a small family business or a larger company, using a professional video editing service is one of the best things you can do for your video projects.

We have a solid background in editing a wide range of corporate videos. All you need to do is send us the footage and a brief with your requirements. Once the edit is ready, we will send you the video. In case you need to make some adjustments, you can request any changes you want. Our service includes up to two free revisions.


Видео монтаж за бизнеса
You might want to tell your business story, to create a promotional video, a training program, or rebrand an existing video. Whatever your business needs, our video editing services have a solution for you.

Send us your footage now, and we’ll do the rest.
Home video editing service


Today it is easy to record our special moments and everyday life. But often, our footage remains on the tape, the memory card, or the smartphone. We know how overwhelming it can be handling all that footage and how hard it is to cut down.

Bo studio can turn your hours of home videos into a nicely edited movie. Whether you filmed it on a professional camera or a phone, we can edit it together. Imagine all set to lovely soundtrack music of your choice, with titles, photographs, transitions, and visual effects to bring your videos to life.

Our mission is to help people save and organize their family memories
and create a digital legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Get Started

If you would like to start your video project, contact us and we will transform your footage into an amazing movie.

Wedding video editing service


We provide personalized wedding video editing services. Whether you’re a wedding videographer who needs an editor or a couple looking for someone to edit or re-edit your wedding footage, Bo Studio can help.

If you have hours of footage, on whatever device, even if it’s an old video, we can create a lasting memory of the day that will always be treasured.

Bo Studio specializes in various wedding video styles. We will take the time to understand your vision and the desires of your clients. With years of experience and a substantial, diversified portfolio, our team has mastered wedding video editing. We can handle all of your editing and post-production needs.

All you need to do is to send us your wedding footage, and we will take care of the rest.

GoPro video editing service


If you are looking to share your footage of extreme experiences, our GoPro editing service is for you. Whether you’re flying down the slopes, swimming with sharks, or jumping out of a plane, you will want your video to looks as professional as you do.

The quality of the videos coming out of the latest action cameras is just stunning. It would be a pity to leave all that footages sit on a hard drive that you even forgot you have? Get them edited into an exciting video that sums up your experience.

Our GoPro editing services allow you to relive the adventure again and again! Simply upload your footage, and our experienced video editor will do the rest!

Wait no more. Get in touch right now, and let’s get that GoPro videos edited.

Drone video editing service


Drones are now bringing a different viewpoint to all kinds of videos. To maximize the impact of your aerial footage, it’s important to have an experienced editor who can put the pieces together in a nicely finished video.

Editing drone footage and combining it with other video sources offers endless possibilities. Whether it’s about a corporate event, family party, or holiday, we can create outstanding drone videos that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

Bo Studio has expertise and equipment to deliver a high-quality video. Drone footage can make every video project even more exciting and memorable, allowing you to put a whole new angle for the viewers.

Whatever your ideas are, we’re confident we can help. Let us know about your project.

If you don’t find the type of edit you need on our website, please click here to get in touch. Our editing team will get back to you to discuss your project.

Bo Studio’s video editing services will turn your videos into the perfect gift for your loved ones.



Video upload to cloud service


You can easily send videos to us in several ways. For those located in Sofia, the best option is to bring the footage to our studio. That way, we can discuss your project in person.

If that’s not the case, you can use cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or any other of your choice. We can edit videos from any device, so you can send your footage straight from your phone, GoPro or DSLR camera.

Another option is to upload your video online using FTP or any other file transfer service like FileMail or MyAirBridge.

If those options don’t work for you, contact us, and we will send you an upload link to our private server.

Don’t forget to send us and some brief instructions. For example, how long you want the final video to be? What is the point of the video? Is there any specific part of the footage you want to emphasize? Also, let us know your choice of music for the project. Please share any other information about the project that you think might be important.


As soon as we have all the necessary files & instructions, we’ll send you our price and expected delivery date. The editing process depends on the project and consist of several steps: raw footage review and shot selection; creating the movie; adding music, sound effects, video effects, and transitions; color correction and color grading; export.

  • Every project starts with choosing the best shots from the given footage. We also make sure to remove all shots that are too shaky or out of focus.
  • Using music, video effects, and transition highly depend on the given instructions. Some clients and projects require more dramatic video effects and modern transitions, while others favor minimal effects and smooth edit.
  • Color Correction is a must step in the case of multi-cameras edits. It’s to ensure that output from all the cameras looks the same. We correct the exposure, the levels of whites and blacks, and most importantly, the white balance. Also, we need to make sure the skin tones are looking natural.
  • Color grading is the step that makes the look of the final video more cinematic and dramatic. It sets the overall tone and mood of the film.
  • The final step is to export and deliver your movie. You can request export in more than one format. Just let us know which platform you want to upload, and we will export accordingly.


When we are ready, we’ll send you a private link with the first edit for review. You can watch the video and let us know if you would want some changes. The easiest way is to send us a list of your revisions and the particular timestamp you need changes. In the initial offer are included two rounds of revisions.

Once you approve the final edit, we will send you a download link with the video in the requested formats. Finally, you get to enjoy a nicely edited video. Download and share it with your friends & family, YouTube subscribers, or your customers.

If you plan on using the video for commercial purposes, don’t forget to let us know upfront, so we can work out any potential copyright violation.

Watch the movie


Богат професионален опит

Бо Студио съществува от 2006 година и от самото начало се профилира в работата с клиентски видеоматериали. Знаем как да съхраняваме и как да работим с вашите касети, камери и фотоапарати. Внимателни и отговорни сме към тях. Актуализираме техниката и софтуеъра, които използваме в процесите на цифровизиране и по-нататъшна видеообработка. Имаме лично отношение към всяка поръчка и към всеки клиент.

Професионална техника

Нашето студио разполага с необходимата техника и богат набор от различни видео устройства и видеокамери, за да гарантираме възможно най-доброто възпроизвеждане на вашите видеозаписи. Използваме професионална техника, софтуер за цифровизация и допълнителна обработка на всички видеоматериали. Имаме дългогодишен опит в областта на цифровизирането и видеообработката.

Услуга съобразена с вашите нужди

Интересуваме се и се съобразяваме с желанията на клиентите ни. Прехвърляме от видеокасетите и камерите само онези записи, от които се нуждаете. Получавате и заплащате само онези материали, които са ви нужни. Допълнително, ако желаете, ще комбинираме записи от различни касети, ще съчетаем файловете от камерата или фотоапарата в едно видео. Ще разделим дългите тричасови VHS касети на по-малки части, за удобство при гледането. Ще направим и каквото още ни подскажете, че желаете.

Без автоматизация на процеса

Работим лично и с внимание. Всеки видеоматериал се преглежда от видеомонтажист, който при необходимост прилага корекции, за да го подобри. Отстраняват се увредени участъци, където липсва запис. Балансират се цветовете и се изравнява нивото на звука. Вие получавате приятен за гледане материал и заплащате само чистото му времетраене. Гарантираме максимално качество на услугата.

Услугата се извършва изцяло в нашето студио

Цялостната услуга по прехвърляне на видеокасети или записи от камери в цифров формат се извършва на място в нашето студио в София. Ние нямаме подизпълнители и външни услуги. Съхраняваме отговорно вашите видеокасети и видеокамери, без да напускат офиса ни. Цялата обработка се извършва единствено от нашите специалисти, с което гарантираме анонимност и сигурност на услугата.


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