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Restoring old photos is possible! What and how much can be done through restoration and retouching for a valuable photo if it has been damaged or simply aged?

It could be yellowed, torn or injured. It could be overflowing with water or folded. Part of the image could be missing, there could be scratches, creased angles, or “drawings” by your children.

Modern digital technologies make wonders in that field. You will be genuinely surprised at the extent to which a paper photo can be recovered – processed and restored almost like the original.

Restoring old photos

If you have old paper photos that you would like to restore digitally and give them a new life, here’s what Bo Studio can do for you.

First of all, we will scan your photos manually, one by one, at a resolution allowing further processing. We will make the essential color corrections and eliminate the most visible scratches, blemishes or other defects.

Further, everything depends on your wishes. We can “assemble” a torn photo, “draw” missing parts, “smooth” the wrinkled ends or even remove unknown people and objects accidentally caught in the frame. We can repair various damages to the image – crushes, stains, scratches, dots, folds, traces of spilled liquids, pen or pencil lines.

Any photography could be improved with appropriate adjustments. For example contrast enhancement, elimination of the “baloo effect”, enhancement of too light areas or lightening of too dark, making colors closer to actual ones, eliminate yellowing over time or add a “retro” color effect.

In addition, we can separate each of the “heroes” of the original into an individual photo or of course we can bring together people from different photos, and why not from different ages …

Let us know your ideas and we will make them a reality!

Photo restoration servicesРеставриране на снимки
реставрация на силно повредена снимкавъзстановяване на силно повредена снимка


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