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Transfer your old videotapes, films and audio cassettes to digital files.

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Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bo Studio has 14 years of experience in converting treasured family memories into digital formats. Founded in 2005, Bo Studio has provided top-quality services to thousands of happy customers, from families to video professionals and businesses.

Bo Studio specializes in converting older media such as videotapes, audio cassettes, films (8mm, Super 8mm) and photos into digital formats that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. We also provide post-production and video editing services.

Bo Studio will treat your family’s videotapes, film and audio cassettes with great care as if they were our own.

OUR Services

Make sure your recordings last past the shelf life of the analog formats.
Ролка от кинофилм на жълт фон

We provide a professional film transfer service that can handle all your 8mm films. We deliver two digital formats – DVD Video and a high-quality digital file like MPEG-2 or MP4.

Рисунка на VHS видеокасета на жълт фон - цифровизиране на видеокасети
video tapes

Our vast array of video equipment can convert almost any consumer video format to DVD or digital files. We transfer VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, MiniDV, Video-8, HI-8 and  DIGITAL 8 tapes, both in PAL and NTSC.

audio cassettes
and vinyl records

Our audio service provides transfer for your audio cassettes and vinyl records to Audio CD or MP3. Our trained team will use audio filtering, digital noise reduction and separate your tape into individual tracks if possible.

Рисунка на видео екран - видеомонтаж
video editing

Bo Studio provides professional video editing services for both businesses and consumers. Whether you’re looking to edit video from a special event or need to outsource work, we offer full-service editing to ensure your project is a success and completed on time.

Рисунка на снимки на жълт фон - реставрация на снимки

Our photo restoration services provide various techniques that can improve damaged photographs, to remove scratches or to mask different picture deteriorations caused by water, age or other factors.

Рисунка на видео лента - видеообработка

Our video encoding service helps you meet the exact specifications needed for your video.
We can transcode your videos to all the codecs, sizes and formats necessary, so they can easily be upload to web platforms like Youtube, Instagram and the like.

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Pricing Table

Prices for our most popular digital conversion services.
For more detailed prices and information, please follow the links below.
Video Tapes
Accepted media formats:

VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV

  • up to 30 min - 10lv
  • up to 60min - 15lv
  • up to 120 min - 24lv
  • up to 180min - 32lv
  • prices are per tape
  • for more than 10 hours - 10lv/hour
Audio Tapes
Accepted media formats:

audio cassettes and vinyl records

  • up to 60 min - 10lv
  • up to 90 min - 13lv
  • 7" (18cm) - 4lv
  • 12" (30cm) - 10lv
  • prices are per tape
Accepted media formats:

8mm super and 8mm standard

  • for the first 15 min - 33lv
  • after 15 min - 2.20lv/min


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